Director: n/a
Cast includes: current 93!

Beyond The Fourth Dimension, Just Behind The Twilit Zone, in Hastings Old Town could be should be will be THUS:

C93 CHANNEL for 3 NIGHTS ONLY in The Lovely, Lilliputian, ELECTRIC CINEMA. MARCH 8, 9, 10.

C93 will be gathered together, just like HedgeHogs, redreaming, and rescheming, their LONG OFFERING at C93’s Long-Sold-Out LONDON CHANNELLING at The Union Chapel on Saturday March 11.

G+D suggested to us that we should also Channel, after each day’s rehearsal, at a Lovely Land in Hastings Old Town, where David, Ania, and their Three Cats LIVE.

There are 39 tickets available for sale for each night. The Cinema holds 48 people. It Is Tinier Than Tiny Tim! The tickets cost £93 each.

A Function Room, just 10 seconds away from the venue will have items available—including some Faces that we thought had Vanished, but whom we found behind The Back Of The Stairs when Ania and I were StarLicked—that will—if copies still remain—later be available at the London Channelling on March 11.


See you THERE if your NAME is KITTEN THERE!

Love from David and C93 and Mythology Under Uncle Crow.

How you can support the Electric Palace:

Thank you.