We are under no legal obligation to admit a customer, nor give a reason for refusing to do so. We will not tolerate ANY abuse of our staff members, physical OR verbal, in any form.

Aggressive, threatening or abusive behaviour OR language can result in a lifetime ban from the premises.

If forced to do so by circumstances beyond our control we reserve the right to - cancel a performance, vary the film or vary the time of exhibition. IN SUCH CASES OUR LIABILITY WILL BE LIMITED TO THE REFUND OF THE COST OF THE TICKET PURCHASE ONLY, and is an all cases at our discretion. Any incidental costs (such as, but not limited to, parking fees, concessions purchases and booking fees) are the customers sole responsibility.

Both the purchaser AND holder of tickets are required to observe the conditions laid down by The British Board Of Film Classification Certificate for the film being exhibited. Young people and / or any adult accompanying them may be required to provide proof of the young persons age. The word of an accompanying adult is not regarded as proof, and in all cases it is at the sole discretion of the cinema staff to judge the young persons age. This is a legal licensing requirement, it is not within the law for us OR the accompanying adult to allow under age viewing of any films.

Reduced priced tickets are available to recipients of state retirement pensions, unemployed, and students for which proof MAY be required. Children UNDER 16 years of age may receive a discount for U, PG, 12 and 12A certificate films only. Children in arms and all other discounts are at staff discretion in terms of cost and/or admission.

Alcoholic drinks may not be brought on to the premises, and anyone deemed by the manager to be intoxicated WILL BE REFUSED ADMISSION.

Smoking is now not permitted inside cinemas by law.

With the exception of on-call members of the emergency services, customers mobile 'phones MUST BE SWITCHED OFF in the auditorium. Sound and visual recording of films is ILLEGAL and the police WILL be informed.

Food or drink not purchased from us is prohibited on the premises except on medical grounds. We reserve the right to inspect the contents of customers bags, etc. for security reasons and banned items / illegal substances.

None of the above to affect your statutory rights