One of the things that makes the Electric Palace such a great place to visit is our fabulous, dedicated volunteer team. 

So, who are the people who welcome you at the cinema? Find out in our Meet the Staff and Volunteers series...

Name: Jamie Sellers

What prompted you to volunteer at the cinema?

I've been going to the cinema since I was about 5, and it's one of the most important things in my life. I've always fancied working in one. Better late than never!

How long have you volunteered at the cinema?

One month and counting. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of lovely filmgoers.

What's your favourite thing about the cinema?

I love its bijou-ness, but I especially like the programming. It's a great mix of recent independent releases, classics, documentaries, B-movies... Reminds me a little of the Scala in Kings Cross, where I got my teenage world cinema education.

Tell us about an experience at the cinema (not necessarily from at the Electric Palace).

Last day in Bangkok, and super-humid outside. I've seen every last temple I need to see. Usually I can't abide sitting through crap, but I made an exception. For less than a pound I got a plush seat and a soft drink, and blissful air conditioning. But also Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger. And before the film, I got to stand for the national anthem, just to avoid jail.

What film would you like to watch at the cinema?

Carl Theodor Dreyer's 1955 Danish film Ordet. I was introduced to his films in the mid-90s through his silent The Passion of Joan of Arc. Dreyer only made a handful of features in his lifetime, of which at least three or four are masterpieces, and Ordet the most surprising. I'd love to see the reactions of others watching it for the first time.

Have you ever gone to see a movie and wanted to watch it again immediately?

When DVDs first became the home entertainment format of choice, I had a job building a DVD library, and spent many nights watching films at home that I'd borrowed. After re-watching The Exorcist, I immediately watched it again with William Friedkin's director commentary.

If you could go on a date night at the cinema with anyone living, dead or fictional who would it be and what would you watch?

Why, that would be Ava Gardner, and we would watch Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams. I fell asleep last time, you see.

Tell us about a favourite film of yours.

Robert Rossen's 1961 film The Hustler never, ever gets old. Paul Newman is the flawed hero to end all flawed heroes, the cinematography is amazing and Kenyon Hopkins' score perfect. Jackie Gleason, George C Scott and Piper Laurie are all at the top of their game, too. Newman much later got an Oscar for the sequel with Tom Cruise (sigh), but everyone knows it was belated recognition for The Hustler.

Tell us a good film to watch that makes you laugh out loud or blub your eyes out.

I'm not a rom-com type. Milos Forman's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is one film capable of ticking both those boxes, though. I did believe I might die the first time I saw Woody Allen's Sleeper, and completely lost control ("my sides, my sides!"), and I defy anyone to watch Xavier Beauvois' Of Gods and Men and not be moved.

At the Electric Palace as well as our programme of new films we also have other stuff; special film showings like Cinema Plus, B Movie nights and events such as comedy, music, theatre, quiz nights etc. Tell us about one you like or liked and why.

I like a quiz, as some people may be aware. A group of four friends and I did the Young Electrics' quiz last year, which was excellent. We won, but it was a slightly hollow victory as the woman on her own who finished second wasn't far behind.

Do you have a hot tip to share for where you get your film news? A good blog, online reviewer, enewsletter or podcast, for example?

For years I worked on an online entertainment news diary for a day job, and would spend hours on Variety and Screen International, learning far more than I ever really needed to know. Nowadays I keep abreast of all the main streaming sites' new releases, The Guardian's film pages, mailing lists for every decent cinema from Rye to Lewes, and check in on my good friend Roberto Gonzalez's

What's a great soundtrack you listen to?

So many, but John Barry's The Ipcress File takes some beating.

What's your favourite seat?

Front row, centre, perfect for long legs and short sight.

Finally, tell us something unusual about yourself.

I once touched Tom Jones's bottom, but I think I was the only one aware of the incident.

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