Director: Wim Wenders
Cast includes: Bruno Ganz
A Special Pick by  Electric Palace supporter Sue Warren
128mins / 1987 / West Germany/France

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Every day, a guardian angel Dammiel (Bruno Ganz) listens to the thoughts of mortals who play their lives out on the streets of West Berlin. He desires nothing more than to be human, and finds himself entranced by a trapeze artist whose eloquent expression of her doubts and fears makes him yearn for a life where he can feel happiness and love.

The afterlife here is a world in monochrome. Only the living can see in full colour and it is their lives, with their moments of sorrow and joy, that Wim Wenders captures so eloquently in this singularly original film that was co-written with Peter Handke. Winner of the Best Director prize at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival, Wings Of Desire is a rumination on human existence, and is a beautiful, literate and romantic piece of vital cinema.

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