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*Updated May 2021*

As part of our reopening measures, we will now have 24 tickets available per screening event to ensure plenty of space for the audience.

Of course, the cinema experience will be different to the one you have been used to. We have worked hard to ensure the cinema is as safe as possible for staff, volunteers and guests, which remains our top priority.

We will keep our ticket price at £8, and ask for your understanding that we cannot offer concessions in order to be viable with so few tickets available.

We choose to open with these very intimate events in order to celebrate independent cinema and community; our volunteers and audience make this kind of event possible.

In order to be responsive to the unfolding situation, we will not produce a paper programme. All events will be publicised online on our website and on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

Customers must wear a suitable face covering or mask before and during the film. 

It is your responsibility to cancel your visit to our cinema if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms. See our cancellation policy for full details.

Seating arrangement

There will be a seating plan on the wall by the bar (see examples below).

Each event will have its own configuration due to the number of groups or individuals at each screening.

Customers do not have the option to change the configuration. This is to ensure we can keep groups/individuals 2 metres apart. No more than 6 can sit together unless they are from the same household.

However, if there are, for example, three pairs of seats on the plan, the customers can choose which pair of seats to take on entering the cinema. This will be on a first come first served basis.

Image showing different screening configurations in graphic format

Customer entry procedure

  • Expect your movements to be managed by the staff.
  • Doors will open 45 minutes before the start of the film. Please arrive in good time.
  • Please wait outside the cinema at the two-metre marks on the pavement. A volunteer will be on hand to assist.
  • Our seating policy works by sending one group/individual into the cinema at a time until you are seated. Groups can sit together.
  • On entering, each group/individual can use the bar. Please use contactless cards where possible for drinks. Snacks are not available at present. We will of course review this asap! You will be allocated your seats. 
  • Toilets: Only one person at a time can enter the toilets. Please avoid using the toilets if possible.
  • Customers are not encouraged to leave their places once seated. However, if you do need the toilet during the film you may!
  • Once seated, the bar staff will radio down to the volunteer requesting the next customer/s to be sent up.

Customer exit procedure

  • At the end of the film, please remain in your seats. At the end of the credits, (you will have to be patient!) a member of staff will go to the front of the cinema and direct one person/group at a time to leave, starting from the back row, aircraft style.
  • Take your own rubbish home please.


The bar now has a custom-made perspex screen that wraps around the whole front of the bar. 

Three infra-red hand sanitiser stations are positioned in the cinema:

  • At the bar (staff must use between serving each customer)
  • At the bottom of the stairs on entry/exit
  • Between the toilets in the foyer

Anti-bacterial wipes are provided in toilets.

Seats are treated with anti-bacterial fabric spray.

Clear signage is provided throughout the venue.

The door will be open at the back of the cinema to encourage natural air-flow.

The air-conditioning will not be used during screenings. However, prior to each screening, the air conditioners will be on for two hours with anti-bacterial filters to purify and cool the air. When you arrive the venue will be fresh and comfortable!

We are introducing an enhanced cleaning regime.

A health and safety risk assessment policy is in place.

We look forward to welcoming you back to once again experience film together again. Thank you.

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