Director: Gerard Bryan and David Rafique
Includes Q&A with filmmaker Gerard Bryan
86 min / 2024 / UK

Winner of last year's Cinecity Film Festival Audience Award.

A documentary about life off-grid in Devon and much more. Maverick soul mates Ged and Dave are on a mission through the winding lanes and hidden tracks of North Devon, to record the lives and experiences of people living without mains electricity.

Filming for 10 years they capture not only the beauty of this often harsh environment but also the spirit of the wonderful off-grid characters who inhabit it. A diverse collection of people whose stories at first appear meandering tributaries but quickly swell to become an intricate weave of philosophies and vibrant wit, uniting around our common search for happiness. 

The rich tapestry of personalities, stunning landscapes and musical accompaniment of Cosmo Sheldrake combine to deliver Where is Heaven's unique and extraordinary soul. A perfect antidote to the intensity of life in the modern world.

"If only all cinema was this brilliant!" - Andrew Kotting, filmmaker

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