30 May 2024 / Electric Palace Team

Ticket prices increases

Increased running costs mean ticket rises, but please do continue to support us to ensure your local cinema's survival.

We wanted to let you know that due to increasing running costs and VAT fees we are raising our prices as of June 2024.

You will notice that some tickets prices are higher than they were in the past, but we still continue to offer you great value and a unique cinema experience, with some special ticket and drinks offers, and a very warm welcome from our staff and volunteers.

Although overall ticket prices have risen to incorporate VAT charges, our Thursday morning screenings continue to include a free cuppa with your ticket, and all Thursday 11am screenings will now run at one concessionary price for all attendees (apart from under 16s, for which tickets are £6.)

And B Movie Fan Club tickets remain at a bargain £7.50!

Pre Covid, we didn't regularly raise our prices for both the screenings and the bar refreshments, but in recent years, due to higher prices and changing cinema visiting habits, our cinema costs have soared. (Also, did you know?: Although our screenings are supported by volunteers greeting you on the door, each screening includes a paid member of staff, and we incur film licence fees and general building maintenance costs.)

As a result of all of these more recent changes we have to raise prices to ensure we don't run at a loss and have to close. As a Community Interest Company any profits go back in to the running of the cinema.

We hope you understand the reasons for our price rises and will continue to support the Electric Palace cinema.

Thank you.

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