Romeo and Juliet. Fred and Ginger. Bogey and Bacall. Torvill and Dean. There have been many famous couples of stage and screen. And now introducing…Archie and Mehitabel

Who? Archie the six-footed scurrying cockroach “I was a free verse poet" and his feline friend Mehitabel "I was Cleopatra once". Both disciples of reincarnation. In this humorous one hour ‘divertissment’ meet philosopher cockroach Archie, follow the amorous misadventures of Mehitabel and meet up with Freddy the rat, Tom the theatre cat, Will Shakespeare and a host of other assorted lowlifes of the insect kingdom.

Archie first appeared in Don Marquis witty verses in the New York Daily Sun in the 1920s and 30s and was then syndicated throughout America. From humblest beginnings Archie rose to achieve cult status.

Please note this play is followed by a performance of
Guy Fawkes’ Mother, for which separate tickets are required. Book Guy Fawkes' Mother tickets.