Director: Lynne Ramsey
Cast includes: Joaquin Phoenix, Alessandro Nivola, Ekaterina Samsonov
129 Mins / 2018 / USA

Joe (Joaquin Phoenix) is trying to rescue a politician’s kidnapped daughter from the sex trade. Joe is a contract killer and has both physical and mental scars of time spent in the FBI and Marines. What makes this film so utterly compelling is how its ideas are thoroughly re-invigorated and elevated by a director at the top of her game. Every detail revealed is so finely judged and precise. Also featuring a great score from Radiohead‘s Jonny Greenwood. Winner of Best Screenplay and Best Actor Award for Phoenix at Cannes Film Festival.

“A slice of pure cinema from a director who refuses to dance to the beat of anyone’s drum but her own” – 5 stars from Mark Kermode in The Guardian