Director: Various
Cast includes: Includes interviews with Asif Kapadia, Mark Jenkin, Robbie Ryan
Includes Intro and Q&A with directors alex shipman, joseph herridge nowell and sam hartshorn
90mins / 2021 /

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Straight 8 is the one Super 8 cartridge, no-editing global filmmaking competition.

The first time the winners even see their own film is at its premiere.

Come and see the winning 16 short films from 2020 and 2021  as they hit our big screen.

From a portrait of a cinematographer sending an incorporeal postcard to heaven, to cinematographic meditations on the juxtaposition posed by modern architecture’s ordered and rigid geometry at odds with the chaotic fluidity of nature.

Expect anything! Straight 8 2022 is open to everyone, everywhere. Get inspired if you’re thinking about entering. Or just come and be entertained.

Including recorded interviews with the jury and film luminaries including Asif Kapadia, Mark Jenkin, Robbie Ryan and more. See making of clips, and ‘meet’ the directors including Alex Shipman, Joseph Herridge Nowell and Sam Hartshorn.

Screening in partnership with Straight 8 - all proceeds support The Electric Palace.

Starts 7.30pm.

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