Director: Joseph David
Cast includes: Joseph David, Andrew Kötting
Includes Q&A with special guests
59mins plus Q&A / 2017 / FRANCE / Subtitles

Pump is a Dadaist monorail film, absurd and utopic; Joseph David and Andrew Kötting travel on Albertine, a homemade pump trolley perched seven metres above the ground, a seven-day voyage across 11 miles of disused Aerotrain test track.

PLUS live contributions from Joseph David and Andrew Kötting.

The Doors Building
Tonight Bob and Claire Humm, creators of ‘The Doors Building’ are here to talk about their fantastic creation – a special two-seater pop-up cinema in situ, which will be available for all four days of the festival, showing short films - reflections, dreams, memories - for 45 mins before each event of the festival at the Electric Palace.