Director: Olie Brice, Pete Brown & Iain Sinclair
Black Huts Film and Poetry Festival: Live Event

Olie Brice
plays double bass ’as if he‘s jumped onto a bear‘s back but then tried to wrestle it to the ground… HIs bowing bounces and stutters then soars and dives to rip open space‘.

Iain Sinclair reads from his book ‘The Last London’. Walking to the outer limits of London Underground to Olympiacopolis‘ future ruins, he finds secret scholars, whispering ghosts, labyrinths and pits that become cameras.

Pete Brown reads his poetry. He was a pivotal presence on the poetry-jazz upsurge. This led to Pete writing lyrics for Cream, and a 48-year songwriting partnership with Jack Bruce. Ten years ago Pete began writing poetry again…

The Doors Building
A special two-seater pop-up cinema in situ, created by Bob and Claire Humm, will be showing short films - reflections, dreams, memories - for 45 mins before each event of the festival at the Electric Palace.