Director: David Lynch
Cast includes: Naomi Watts, Laura Elena Harring
Presented by Keith Rodway of Trash Cannes
147 Mins / 2001 / France | USA

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Keith Rodway of Trash Cannes multi-disciplinary arts festival presents this visionary film.

Keith is a filmmaker, musician, contributing editor for International Times and PhD student. This is why he chose this film:

“Like Sunset Boulevard, Mulholland Drive is an insider's view of Hollywood, named after a public thoroughfare. But where Billy Wilder's noir comedy takes a wry look at the vagaries of fame, and its decline, David Lynch's approach is more philosophical. The filmmaker is a grimy, malevolent demon living rough in an alley behind a shabby diner, where he plots and directs the lives of his hapless main characters. They wander in a world of existential mayhem, dreaming about happier lives they may never have lived, struggling to recognise who they are and what their lives mean, while the author of their distress constantly shifts the rules of conflicting layers of reality. Lynch messes mercilessly with the heads both of his dream creations, and the audience. Anyone expecting conventional narrative coherence will be baffled and unsettled.

This was Lynch's final attempt to bring film as art into the mainstream. It is not only his masterpiece but arguably the greatest Hollywood film of the last 30 years; a beautifully realised, emotionally exhausting critique of the banality of corporate cinema, and an invitation to audiences to experience a transcendent work of art.”