Director: David Lynch
Cast includes: Kyle McLachlan, Sting, Sean Young, Patrick Stewart
Part of Summer Music Season 2024
153 mins / 1984 /USA

** We have decided to cancel this screening. We are sorry for any disappointment caused. **

Come see the David Lynch cult version of sci-fi classic Dune starring Kyle Maclachlan and Sting. Dune was essentially the Lord of the Rings of space operas. While it obviously boasted a rich mythology, memorable characters, and a story that had the potential to make a great film or franchise, the pressure of bringing such beloved material to the big screen was almost unfathomable. Of all the possible directors that could have been tasked with creating the first Dune adaptation, Lynch was a very odd choice. See for yourself whether it lives up to the 'hate' he feels for it, or if it's worth another look!

"A great season of music movies - rock, reggae, soul, 80s pop and Sting in his knickers - what more could anyone want?" quips David Quantick about this year's  Summer Music Season 2024 selection, as with Dune you can catch Sting in one of his acting roles, this time sporting a fetching pair of metal pants.

Not to be missed!

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