Forthcoming season's films 2019:

The Amazing Colossal Man: Sunday 27 January, 8pm
A military officer survives a nuclear blast (what again?!!), only to begin to uncontrollably grow into an increasingly unstable giant.

Shock Waves: Sunday 24 February, 8pm
Visitors to a remote island discover that a reclusive Nazi commandant (Peter Cushing) has been breeding a group of Zombie soldiers. So, it's not good then?

Godzilla vs the Smog Monster: Sunday 24 March, 8pm
A film with an environmental message and that message comes in the form of mega-monster Hedorah. Who can save mankind from his own folly? Step forward Godzilla!!

About the B-Movie Fan Club curator, Robin

Robin Knowles, now 18, started programming the monthly B-Movie season at the Electric Palace Cinema when he was 13 years old.

The original idea behind the club was both to celebrate the B-Movie genre and also to create an event which provides Robin, who has autism, with a way of accessing an independent social life and make more connections.

Robin continues to be a huge fan of B-Movies and has a wealth of information on sci-fi, fantasy and B-Movies. Although Robin is reluctant to introduce the films, he is a great welcoming host and will, if engaged, give way more information than most people want! He is interested in reaching a wider audience and developing the programme.

Join us every month for your B-Movie fix! Free space candy included with every £5 ticket.

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All profits go to the programmer Robin's travel funds for a trip to America to visit all of the surviving drive-in cinemas (367 apparently!).

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