Director: Keith Farrell
Cast includes: Karen Hassan, Aaron Cobham, Neil Bell
95 mins / 2022 / UK

Wait for Me is the story of Alison trapped in a life of crime but looking to escape. When she meets Sam, a damaged man with a troubled past, he opens Alison’s eyes to the fact that life can be a beautiful thing if you meet it halfway. They hit the road in search of the child she abandoned with her sister Karen. Plagued by regret Alison tries to reconnect with her child. Her demons come back to haunt her, as pimp Max tracks them down. Alison realises she must confront Max to protect her family from the sins of her past.

Alison represents the part of all of us that has maybe strayed too far from where she needs to be, yet fixing her mistakes is a far harder task.

Starring Karen Hassan (Vikings, The Fall, Hunger), Aaron Cobham (The Spanish Princess, Cold Feet), Sean McGinley (Brave Heart), Neil Bell (Dune, Peaky Blinders) and Elva Trill (Line of Duty, Jurassic World Domination).

Wait for Me is nestled into our Hitchcock week, as a modern take on the crime thriller and will also include an introduction and Q&A with Director Keith Farrell and local thespian and playwright John Knowles, discussing the importance of working class stories in films today, and ways that working class directors can source funding to get their films made.

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