Director: Rob Curry & Tim Plester / Nick Abrahams
Cast includes: Shirley Collins, Stewart Lee, David Tibet, Sam Amidon, Elle Osborne
PLUS Q&A with directors AND SHIRLEY HERSELF (7.30pm screening only)
94 mins / 2017 / UK / ENGLISH

Shirley Collins stood at the epicentre of the folk music revival during the 1960s and 70s.

This documentary explores the story behind the icon, making fertile use of authentic 1959 audio-archive to recount Shirley’s seminal road-trip around America’s Deep South alongside her then-lover (and pre-eminent ethnomusicologist) Alan Lomax.

Featuring contributions from the comedian Stewart Lee and David Tibet of Current 93, this is a meditative and richly textured piece of portraiture about loss and redemption, suggesting that during these turbulent times, we might just need Shirley Collins now more than ever.

The directors' previous film is the award-winning documentary ’Way of the Morris‘.

Tickets: 11am £5, 7.30pm £8/10

The Doors Building
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