Director: Ali Jaberansari
Cast includes: Mehdi Saki, Forough Ghajabagli
102 Mins / 2019 / Iran | UK | Netherlands, subtitles

This engagingly downbeat comedy-drama offers intriguing insights into modern Iranian life through three lonely people, each looking for love in their own ways. This is hard enough in any big city - never mind in Tehran, where individual freedoms can't be taken for granted.

In a sexy voice on the telephone, an overweight receptionist seduces men who wouldn't look twice at her real 'me'. In revenge, her sexy alter ego stands up each dates she makes. A former bodybuilding champion now earns a living as a personal trainer. When he gets a promising young sportsman as a client, he drops everything else. A singer at religious funerals is dumped by his fiancée. He tries to find new purpose in life by retraining as a singer at weddings and parties. That's a lot more attractive to women, his friend assures him.

Part portrait of alienation in Iran, part examination of modern dating, its characters struggle as much from their own human frailties as they do from the oppressive politics of Iran’s theocratic regime.