Director: Anna Hints
Cast includes: N/A
89 mins / 2023 / Estonia, France, Iceland

In the darkness of a smoke sauna, women share their innermost secrets and intimate experiences, washing off the shame trapped in their bodies and regaining their strength through a sense of communion.

"A film that places you in the moment of relaxation, conveys the sense of a cleansing that is both physical and spiritual. Here, you are free to say anything, trivial or significant." - Screen Daily

  • "The small, smoky, steamy miracle of this film is how it creates something so intangible, so lyrical, from the absolutely elemental: fire, wood, water and lots of naked female flesh." - Variety
  • "A masterpiece" - Cinema Femme

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This film is F-Rated. The F-Rating is applied to all films which are directed by women and/or written by women. Find out more about F-Rating.

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