Director: George Stevens
Cast includes: Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur, Van Heflin
Sunday 11am screenings include a free cuppa and biscuits
116 Mins / 1953 / USA

Quite possibly the greatest story of the West ever filmed!

There's a score to settle... and this is it!

One of the landmark and most enduring Westerns of the 1950s, George Stevens' Shane struck a chord with audiences at the time of its release, and continues to influence admirers today, even as it served as a template for the series of groundbreaking spaghetti-westerns of Sergio Leone.

Alan Ladd plays the titular gunslinger, the archetypal ''man alone'' who wanders into town and shortly afterward becomes embroiled in a conflict between a group of Wyoming homesteaders and the nefarious cattle baron who has designs to wrest away their land. As the conflict escalates, and a romance develops between Shane and homesteader Marian Starrett (Jean Arthur in her last screen role before an early retirement from motion pictures), a who's-who of studio system character talent revolves through the production - Van Heflin, Jack Palance, Elisha Cook, Jr. before the proverbial ride into the sunset...

  • ''The finest stories are often the most simple and George Stevens' classic western is simplicity itself'' -- RTE Guide
  • ''Arguably the most seminal Western ever made'' ★★★★★ -- Empire
  • ''Shane isn't just one of the best movies of its genre or decade - it's one of the finest films ever made.'' - Film 4

Sunday 11am screenings include a free cuppa and biscuits!

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