Director: Jim Sharman
Cast includes: Tim Curry, Richard O'Brien, Susan Sarandon, Meatloaf
Club Camp, hosted by Pupin DeVert
100 mins / 1975 / UK

Join our us for ‘Club Camp' - our new regular interactive regular screenings hosted by the fabulous Pupin DeVert.

Pupin DeVert is Hastings' very own ‘silver-haired showgirl’ and mistress of all things camp! Fresh from producing and MC-ing her own shows (The Gorgeous Show) Pupin DeVert presents ‘Club Camp’ at The Electric Palace - a monthly celebration of all the things silly, shiny and generally over-the-top ever committed to the silver screen.

Starting with The Rocky Horror Picture Show for Halloween, this film is an icon that needs no introduction.

Practice your lyrics for The Time Warp, Dammit Janet and Sweet Transvestite - singalong is more than encouraged, it's positively compulsory! Join in with all the classic tunes and party afterwards in our cosy cinema bar. The anti-cipation is killing us!

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