Director: Welby Ings
Cast includes: Tim Roth, Jordan Oosterhof, Conan Hayes
'Out on Tuesday' screenings in partnership with Peccadillo Pictures
98 mins/ 2022 / New Zealand

Welby Ings investigates manhood, alcoholism and bullying in his acclaimed debut feature Punch. Seventeen year-old Jim (Jordan Oosterhof) is a small-town boxing hero who carries the hopes and dreams of his father Stan (Tim Roth, The Hateful Eight) on his shoulders.

But when he becomes aware of his strong attraction to Whetu (Conan Hayes), a feisty gay Maori teenager ostracised from the narrow-minded local community, Jim starts to see the limitations of his world, and understand what he and Whetu must do to break free.

New Zealand filmmaker Welby Ings’ powerful film is a beautifully shot and moving story about finding queer love and identity in the face of overwhelming odds.   

We're delighted that the film's lead actor Jordan Oosterhof and  director, Welby Ings, will also join us for a live Zoom Q&A after the film!

"A film about the messiness of love" - Screen Daily

"Rocky meets Brokeback Mountain in this LGBTQ sports drama" - Kung-fu Kingdom

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