Director: Hosted by M.Mae Kilha
Cast includes: n/a

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Spoken Word workshop facilitated by @kilhapoetry

M.Mae Kilha is a London-born poet and psychotherapeutic counsellor as well as being the driving force behind Poetics in Waterloo, A Poetry Open Mic platform with a difference!

This afternoon, Kilha will facilitate  a special ‘inner child’ workshop.

The workshop will provide a therapeutically guided, safe environment for the words of our own personal inner child  

Poetics' main objective is to provide a safe space for new poets to interact with more established poets offering a supportive environment for their journeys.

Poets touch on topics of oppression, explore personal and sometimes difficult emotions, empowerment and ways of navigating this great thing called life.

Workshop attendees will have a free ticket and an opportunity to show their work at the evening event on Saturday 25 September 8pm.

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