Director: Benjamin Wigley
74mins / 2017 / UK/Ghana

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In this loving documentary, we meet the world’s greatest living fantasy coffin maker celebrated the globe over. But back home in Ghana he struggles to survive.

Paa Joe dreams of his bygone days - bringing money home in briefcases and work being shipped to galleries the world over. Now, he sleeps as the cars hurtle past. There are no customers, no tourists - there are no coffins to make. His son, Jacob, dreams too. He dreams of returning his father to his glory days and rebuilding the family legacy together.

Over the next four years they stand side-by-side, conquering love and death and embracing a life-changing opportunity to travel to the UK to undertake an artist residency. It is the start of their future together: father and son, master and apprentice.

The lovely ladies of the Coffin Club Hub will be coming along to say a few words about the new Coffin Club Hub - a one-stop-shop for end-of-life, funeral and bereavement support, right here in Hastings. Coffin Club Hub loves a good coffin and the coffins in Paa Joe and the Lion are the stuff their dreams are made of - in fact, they've told the Electric Palace they have serious coffin envy!