Director: Edmund Goulding
Cast includes: Tyrone Power, Helen Walker, Mike Mazurki, Joan Blondell, Coleen Gray
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107 Mins /1947 / Usa

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One of the darkest and most startling films ever to come out of golden-era Hollywood, based on a novel that many thought unfilmable at a time when the Production Code held sway. Set in the gritty yet surreal world of a travelling carnival, the eccentric inhabitants serve up bizarre illusions to a grateful and gullible public.

Tyrone Power’s ruthless schemer, Stanton Carlisle, was his favorite of all his roles, and no wonder: it stretched him like nothing before or since as Carlisle rises from raffish carnival barker to national mind-reading sensation in partnership with his beautiful wife Molly (Coleen Gray), before an equally precipitous fall at the hands of a duplicitous psychologist (Helen Walker) and his own all too human frailties.

This 1947 film is ten times more spellbinding, powerful and memorable than the recent remake. This original version is a classic film noir. Even if you’ve seen the remake, you should now see the original for the sheer pleasure of watching one of the great films from Hollywood’s golden age.

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