Director: Eric Rohmer
Cast includes: Marie Rivière
99 Mins / 1986 / France,  Subtitles

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"Delphine (Marie Rivière) is a beautiful young Parisian who is still smarting from a recent break-up. When a friend nixes their travel plans shortly before the trip, Delphine is left to decide how to spend her holiday. Soon she is dealing with various uncomfortable situations, including a beach getaway where she is the only single person.

After various unhappy attempts at getting away, there is a kind of miracle: Delphine hears about the phenomenon of the green ray, a flash of green light sometimes visible at sunset. She might witness it, and even have someone to witness it with. A lovely, gentle film.

'Elegant, eloquent and teeming with ideas about everything from the impermanence of romance to the summer holiday blues' - Empire Magazine"

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