Director: Agnes Varda
1 hr 58 min / 1991 / France, Subtitles

Bonjour les amis!

Interested in French cinema? Enjoy speaking French? 

The Electric Palace and the French Space once again to offer a special evening devoted to French cinema and to the French language. We call this Club Cinoche! The evening will include a full film screening alongside interactive conversation class with other Francophiles.

What better way to practise your French than to relax, socialise and link it to something of cultural interest?

Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

We provide prompts, phrases and vocabulary to get you speaking about the film in pairs and small groups. The bar will be open for a glass of wine or beer to compliment the experience.

With French cinéma there's plenty to talk about. Come and unleash your inner French film-critic!

About Jacquot de Nantes

A boy growing up in Nantes during WW2 around his father's mechanic workshop has a love for puppet shows and cinema and develops it into his own art.

Jacques Demy, the artist at the end of his life, reflects on his childhood influences as a little boy at the end of the 1930s who's father owns a garage and his mother is a hairdresser. The whole family lives happily and likes to sing and to go to the movies. Jacquot is fascinated by every kind of show (theatre, cinema, puppets). He buys a camera to shoot his first amateur film...

A great evocation of French cineaste Jacques Demy's childhood and vocation for the cinema and the musicals - directed by his wife and fellow Nouvelle Vague filmmaker, Agnes Varda.

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