Director: Bindu De Stoppani
with Q&A with Bindu de Stoppani
93 Mins / 2017 / Switzerland

We celebrate International Women’s Day with a return to this remarkable, moving, intimate and at times heartbreakingly humorous on-the-road journey of a father and daughter getting to know each other, whilst simultaneously forgetting what bonded them in the first place. Local filmmaker Bindu De Stoppani joins us for a post-film discussion of her filmmaking experiences.

Tackles topics and issues including Alzheimer's, caring for relatives and friends, and parent-child relationships.

"Truly beautiful. Sensitive, sincere, thought-provoking, funny, tear-inducing" - Hastings Online Times

Find out more about the film in this interview with Bindu from 2018 when we first screened this film:
“I wanted to take a look at the family dynamics when someone is ill with Alzheimer’s and how that effects the family and carers in different ways,” Bindu says.

Includes brief introduction from Care for the Carers charity about the support it offers to family and friend carers in East Sussex.