Director: Douglas Hickox
Cast includes: Beryl Reid, Harry Andrews, Peter McEnery
With a live introduction by special guests!
90 Mins / 1970 / UK

Adaptation of the risqué play by Joe Orton. Kath (Beryl Reid) and Ed (Harry Andrews) are a lonely middle-aged brother and sister who live together. When Kath meets Mr Sloane (Peter McEnery) in a cemetery and falls for his charms, she invites him to become a lodger. Before long, Ed has fallen for Sloane's charms also and hires him to be his chauffeur, taking an unwholesome interest in Sloane’s tight leather uniform. While Kath and Ed rival for Sloane’s affections, their invalid father becomes increasingly convinced that he has some connection to an old unsolved murder. Trapped between the three of them, Sloane makes a shocking decision which has unexpected results.

Trash Cannes is a multidisciplinary arts collective, celebrating the arts in all its forms, with a principal focus on film and music. Tonight they present this overlooked classic of transgressive British comedy.