Director: Lamberto Bava
Cast includes: Urbano Barberini, Natasha Hovey, Karl Zinny
See this film as part of our 20th anniversary - we're screening a collection of cinema-related films during October and November to celebrate the magic of cinema!This event is hosted by the Cult Film Club - Extreme
88 mins / 1985 / Italy, subtitles

When a mysterious masked man hands out tickets to a film screening at the Metropol cinema in Berlin, little do the recipients know that what they are in for is an experience far more intense than a Christopher Nolan film at the IMAX.

Produced by Dario Argento and directed by Italian Maestro Mario Bava's son Lamberto, Demons is an incredibly entertaining, heavy metal-infused slice of eighties horror madness, where the victims have big hair and the onscreen monsters come down into the audience to bite your face off.

Join us at the Electric Palace to celebrate our twentieth anniversary in style with this brand new 4K restoration, and pray that you do not become the demon's next victim...

See this film as part of our 20th anniversary - we're screening a collection of cinema-related films during October to celebrate the magic of cinema!

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The brainchild of film historian Dr Adrian Smith, The Cult Film Club was established in Eastbourne in 2018 following a screening of Evil Dead II at the Royal Hippodrome Theatre. A season of highly entertaining films followed, including such classics as The Warriors, The Man With Two Brains and Enter the Dragon before the club relocated to the Towner Cinema where fans gathered for The Thing, Labyrinth, Heathers and The Dead, before lockdown intervened.

This new EXTREME version of the club sees us bringing a mix of films to the Electric Palace that are shocking, controversial, or just extremely silly. With an emphasis on crowd-pleasing, a good time is guaranteed for all brave enough to join us.

About Dr Adrian Smith

Dr Adrian Smith is a film historian and lecturer at the University of Sussex. He co-hosts two film podcasts (Second Features and Wild, Wild Podcast), writes for Cinema Retro magazine, has provided essays and commentary tracks for a number of cult film blu ray releases, and is co-author on the recently published book Norman J. Warren: Gentleman of Terror. He will talk endlessly about films to anyone who will listen.

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