Director: Mackie Burns
Cast includes: Emily Beecham, Geraldine James, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
Annie's Staff Pick
90mins / 2017 / UK

Is your name Daphne? Know anyone called Daphne? To celebrate this superb film screening at Electric Palace we have a treat for you. Bring your ID along with proof your name is Daphne and you can have a drink on us! Spread the word.

Daphne has ‘sort of given up on people’ as she goes through the motions of her life, working in a London restaurant and through a series of drug-fuelled hook-ups. She resists genuine intimacy in her few friendships and rejects her mother's attempts to engage. When she witnesses a violent robbery, she’s thrown into chaos and finally begins to confront the person she’s become.

Cut from the same explicit, ironic cloth as the successful BBC TV series Fleabag, Daphne offers us a female protagonist who is compelling to watch. Sexually liberated, independently minded, self-centered and deeply mistrustful of all shades of nonsense, she is a breath of fresh air; and she is not going to go quietly. As she whirls around a vortex of dashed hopes and hangups, lovers and loneliness, she is going down fighting and we are with her all the way.

See Daphne as part of the scrumptious Thursday eve meal deal with Cafe Maroc just a few doors down from the cinema. Or see it on Thursday morning at 11am as one of our weekly £5 Silver Screenings.

“Beecham is excellent” ★★★★ – The Guardian

“It’s hilarious and cutting” ★★★★ - The Telegraph

“Emily Beecham slays in a misanthropic British winner that feels like a big screen Fleabag” – IndieWire

“Like a romantic comedy with all the bulls**t taken out” – IndieWire

“Beecham is terrific… A wisecracking wit who may just resemble women you actually know” ★★★★ – Time Out

“If you love Frances Ha… then try this” – Marie Claire

“A beguiling central performance” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Mackie Burns handles the story like a seasoned pro, and Beecham is terrifically watchable” - The Herald, Scotland

“A force of nature” ★★★★ - The Skinny

“A film of compassion and soul, with a protagonist at its heart who’s sometimes hard to like but easy to adore” ★★★★ - The Skinny

★★★★ - The Scotsman

“Magnificent and masterful” – The Upcoming

“So many movies every year blatantly manipulate audiences to try and produce such a response or emotional connection. “Daphne” achieves it by focusing on character and making its title one as believable as possible.” -

★★★★ - The Irish Times

“A distinctive, mature piece of work” - ScreenDaily