Director: Hirokazu Koreeda
Includes Q&A with Rebecca Marshall and Clare Whistler
118 Mins / 1988 / Japan, Subtitles

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What best memory would you choose to keep with you about your life? The Electric Palace's Dear Future Film Festival curators, Clare Whistler and Rebecca E Marshall, have chosen Hirokazu Koreeda’s humorous and somehow down-to-earth film to consider some ideas. They will introduce the film and hold a post-film Q&A.

Hirokazu Koreeda poses the question in this lyrical fantasy set in a posthumous limbo. In just one week, the newly deceased must choose one memory that will constitute their own private heaven. With humour and tenderness, Koreeda challenges the viewer to reflect on the experiences that most make life worth living.

"Charming, original and unexpectedly moving" - Peter Bradshaw - The Guardian

"Brilliant, humorous, transcendently compassionate" - The New York Times

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