07 February 2021 / Dani Brown

Valentine's Day 2021

It's close, very close!  And we have lots of ideas for you...

Love is in the air!

Thinking about a special treat for your beloved or someone you really like a lot? Or even someone you're not quite sure about yet? We have lots of options for you. Take a look at our range of gift options.

Or how about hiring the cinema and playing a film you both love?

For that really special occasion (perhaps one that involves a piece of jewellery?) how about hiring the venue, playing your favourite film and getting creative with your proposal (see below for inspiration!)

And if you fancy tying the knot and renewing vows - we can even offer you that option! Find out more about weddings at the Electric Palace.

Get in touch with us to chat through your ideas. Email info@electricpalacecinema.com

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