09 December 2019 / Annie Waite

Let them eat cake!

Come along on Sunday 15 December for beautiful B-Movie cake and a little tipple!

Do you remember the utterly superb B Movie cake we unleashed last year?

If so, get excited as there's more very special cake coming up for our Christmas B Movie Special, The Mummy, on Sunday 15 December at 8pm.

Join us before the screening from 7.30pm for a grand unveiling of this year's sweet treat from mistress baker extraordinaire, Rachel Mount, to help spread a little festive joy. There'll also be a free little boozy tipple to help wash it down, and ease the fear of The Mummy....choose from The Slime (green) or Theatre of Blood (red)!

The Mummy: Sunday 15 December 2019, 8pm

It's 1895 and British archaeologists find the tomb of Egyptian Princess Ananka... cue sand, mummies, sand and 'oh the horror’. Starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

Find out more about our B Movie Fan Club – free candy with every £5 ticket!