12 July 2021 / Annie Waite

Find out more about women in Film

Join our free group and expand your knowledge of women in film - in front of and behind the camera.

Our monthly online group aims to raise the profile of women in film.

Open to all filmmakers and film-lovers, our independent, voluntarily run project is free to join. Just drop in on – monthly attendance isn't mandatory.

The group will help you expand your knowledge and experience of women in film – women who direct, write, produce, design, act and are involved in all the crafts of filmmaking, as well as those who critique film for press or academia.

Attendees are also invited to talk about their film ideas and opinions, and showcase work and work-in-progress to the group.

Hosted by director of the Electric Palace, Rebecca Marshall, and volunteer Glenys Jacques, so far the group has explored themes including transition and change, The Portrait, bittersweet, and the work of the wonderful film director Lynn Shelton, and special guest speaker Laurie from Feminista Film Festival.

If you'd like to join our mailing list for Electric Women on Film email Electric Palace and we'll send you details about the next Zoom meet up.

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Celebrating F-Rated Films

Electric Women on Film also supports The F-Rating, which is applied to all films which are directed by women and/or written by women. The F-Rating is applied to films by cinemas and film festivals giving filmgoers an easily identifiable label so they can choose films that fairly represent women on screen and behind the camera.

We have a number of F-Rated films screening within our current programme of films, indicated within each individual film listing. Please do take a look and support F-Rated films.

Find out more about the F-Rating

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