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Woodland Wondering Series

The final of a series of three forest bathing workshops and three films set within woods in the heart of the East Sussex countryside.

You will be guided through an experiential exploration amongst the trees as a form of woodland meditation. The event incorporates the Shinrin Yoku techniques of Forest Bathing or ‘taking in the forest atmosphere’, learning a simple ritual and drawing on aspects of Asklepian dreaming, all to deepen your experience of wellbeing in the land and place.

Bring appropriate clothing whatever the weather, plus refreshments.

  • 12 participants maximum
  • £10 per person
  • Strictly bookings only
  • Location is within 30 minutes of Hastings and will be provided after you book.

If you have further questions about the workshop email

All forest bathing workshops follow an optional screening of a film at the Electric Palace that is set within woods. After each film will be conversation with Rebecca E Marshall and the workshop leaders.

The screening connected with this Woodland Workshop is Embrace of the Serpent.

About the workshop leaders:

Dr. Deborah Kelly (D Pysch) is a UKCP Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, teacher and supervisor. She set up and facilitates two palliative care projects working with nature, myth and the rhythm of the seasons, which have been running for 20 years and which have been the subject of her research and published works. Currently she works for Living Well Dying Well.

Clare Whistler makes work in performance, site-specific work in the landscape, poetry, music and visual art. Her international career as a dancer, choreographer and director has included fifteen years working in opera and education and community projects. She has been artist in residence at many locations, including The Library of Water, Iceland, Banff in Canada, and at the Centre of the History of Emotions, Queen Mary University, London (Leverhulme), where she produced her Tear Treasury.

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