Director: Jeremiah Zagar
Cast includes: Raul Castillo, Shiela Vand, Evan Rosado
With Book to Film CLub Thursday Evening only, 7.3oPM
94 Mins / 2018 / USA

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Premiered at Sundance Film Festival, We The Animals is a lyrical portrait of a sensitive young boy named Jonah told from his point of view.

Shot on 16mm and beautifully photographed, the film captures that hyper-awareness of everything around the protagonist, which includes a series of animated sequences that jump from the sketches that he spends his nights scribbling in notebooks under the bed he shares with his older brothers Joel and Manny  (all the boys are impressive and captivating first-time actors).

Paps and Ma are from Brooklyn – he is Puerto Rican, she is white from an Italian background – and life in this household is fierce and absorbing, full of chaos and heartbreak, but also love and music.

We The Animals is adapted from Justin Torres’s semi-autobiographical best-selling novel about growing up in a hardscrabble working-class family in upstate New York in the 1980s. It taps into a childlike nostalgia whilst seamlessly integrating a range of complex issues such as sexuality, social class division, broken families and racial inequality through a mesmerising and dream-like narrative.

“There is a diaphanous beauty to this striking US indie; an impressionistic, free-spirited, skittish quality that belies the weight of the themes that it explores.” - The Guardian

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This film is based on the book We The Animals by Justin Torres

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