Director: Various
Cast includes: N/A
93 Mins / 1930-1947/ Uk

Take a nostalgic promenade to classic British holiday resorts including Weston-super-Mare, Morecambe and Skegness, a visit to Butlin’s in Brighton and 1930s surfing in Newquay, while a 1947 information film cleverly undercuts travel clichés by showing how Dover, a traditional tourist town, is remaking itself after heavy bombings during WWII.

Enjoy a lush travelogue around the coast via Claude Friese-Greene’s wonderfully re-coloured footage, as eloquent as a painting. Learn about lifeboats via the RNLI’s brisk, engaging promotional film; the private life of seabirds in Julian Huxley’s pioneering, Oscar-winning short film, a triumph of early environmentalism and explore the world of shipbuilding with the construction and launch of the SS Olympic, the Titanic’s sister ship. All the while, in the background: the shimmering sea.

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