Director: David Edwards
40 mins / 2023 / UK

South coast of England; during the 2021 covid lockdown, a dance school swaps stage for screen hoping to portray the growing struggles that our younger generation faces with their mental wellbeing. Louis, Hannah and Naomi reveal what life is like as a teen in today’s climate, as we observe their lives and experience. The young dancers tell their stories, breaking down barriers with their openness and honesty.

Recipient of the Award for outstanding contribution to student wellbeing through dance by the British Dance Theatre Association.

The Song In My Body credits:
Director of photography: Caner Mutu
Dancers: Hastings School of Contemporary Dance
Choreographers: Francesca Grando & Ailsa Scott

Involved companies: Panavision, Sam Snead editor, Black Kite Studios, The Grip Company.

Costumes all sponsored by: Move Dancewear, International dance supplies and Dansez. 

£7.50 adults and £5 children (under 16s).

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