Director: Philip Trevelyan
Cast includes: The Page Family
Thursday 11am screenings only £5 and include a free cuppa Presented for Dear Future Film Festival
65mins / 1971 / UK

The Moon and the Sledgehammer is a film that celebrates the unique independent lifestyle and philosophies of a real family: Mr Page; his two sons Jim and Peter; and his two daughters, Kathy and Nancy – so relevant today in times of eco-awareness. We present the film to consider sustainability, skill, devotion, imagination and making the most of the discarded materials you find around you.

When Philip Trevelyan was asked why he filmed the family he replied “I found them freer than most people. They had found a way of enjoying life and I wanted to capture that”.

Maxine Peake chose The Moon and the Sledgehammer as her Desert Island Doc at the Sheffield Doc Fest:

“They can fix anything! What’s extraordinary about it is I don’t think you could ever make another documentary like it ever again. It’s beautiful; very poetic. He’s very articulate, Mr Page. They sort of all are. There’s something about all of them that their use of language is extraordinary. They feel like some sort of poem; an ode to another way of life. The old English ethos, the connection with the land, the pagan element running through…  Something very magical and quite spiritual about it….”

Come to this special screening to see why this extraordinary film has continued to captivate audiences over five decades and why its popularity has increased even more since the onset of the pandemic.

"A Swiss Family Robinson with tuneless pianos and broken tractors instead of breadfruit and pythons." - Sunday Times

Thursday 11am screenings only £5 and include a free cuppa.

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