Director: Steven Spielberg
Cast includes: Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, David Lynch, Seth rogen
151 mins / 2022 / USA / India

Dedicated to the memory of his parents, Steven Spielberg’s wistful coming-of-age drama – co-written with Tony Kushner, soundtracked by John Williams and featuring cinematography by Janusz Kamiński – is a semi-autobiographical story about a young aspiring filmmaker.

Set in post-World War II Arizona, it sees Sammy Fabelman (Gabriel LaBelle) fall in love with the movies after his parents, talented pianist Mitzi (an Oscar-tipped Michelle Williams) and successful computer engineer Burt (Paul Dano) take him to see The Greatest Show on Earth. Armed with a camera, Sammy starts to make his own films at home, much to Mitzi’s supportive delight – finding out early, in ways happy and sad, the power of cinema to reveal the truth.

Featuring Seth Rogen, Judd Hirsch and Jeannie Berlin, plus a cameo from David Lynch as John Ford, The Fabelmans shows Spielberg in mature, easy and reflective mode, gracefully exploring the family roots and dynamics that saw him become one of the world’s most beloved filmmakers. Warm, funny and highly personal, a gorgeous revival of the memories of Spielberg’s childhood, it’s an exploration of family and the wonder of film that looks sure to receive continued critical praise and awards buzz ahead of its release.

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