Director: Richard Kovitch
Cast includes: PenNy Slinger
98 Mins /2019 / UK

One of the most radical female artists of the 20th century finally gets her dues in this lively docu-profile. Raised at the height of postwar austerity and reaching maturity amid the counterculture explosion of the 1960s, Slinger became something of an avant-garde It girl during the preceding decade. Primarily working in collage, photography and sculpture, she created radically political, invariably provocative pieces that combined elements of erotica and surrealism.

Director Richard Kovitch makes a strong case for Slinger being the most overlooked British artist of the 20th century, yet you get the sense that she does not regret turning her back on the art world. It’s only now that the female body and gender identity are once again at the forefront of cultural discourse that Slinger is finally receiving the wider recognition she deserves.

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