Director: Howard Hawks
Cast includes: Cary Grant, Jean Arthur, Rita Hayworth
121 Mins / 1939 / USA

This glorious combination of humour, romance and adventure set in South America, stars Cary Grant (wearing an bizarrely exotic white outfit with broad-brimmed hat) as the tough-talking head of an air freight service operating in the dangerous Andes Mountains. Jean Arthur co-stars as a vacationing showgirl competing with Rita Hayworth for Grant's affections.  The film offers genuine intrigue and excitement—including the pilots’ climactic, death-defying effort to save the airline by demonstrating that they can reliably deliver the mail even in treacherous weather. But its ultimate power derives largely from its unusual ethos, which celebrates pragmatism at the expense of emotional behaviour while simultaneously acknowledging just how profound a pragmatist’s emotions can be.

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