Director: Oliva Spleen, Andy Wiseman
Cast includes: Oliva Spleen
80mins Approx with interval / 2019 / UK

Oliva Spleen is a fabulous poet and musician, born in Hastings, who challenges gender norms with lyrics that are largely nonspecific to gender. His latest album ‘Gaslight Illuminations’ was recorded after the death of his father John Speer in 2018 and is a departure from the heavy rock and electro feel of his previous projects, instead using orchestral arrangements and a sound which is heavily influenced by the French “Chanson” tradition. Tonight, Oliva will be performing live some of his songs from this special album and screening some of his Lynchian music videos.

PLUS a Hastings Premiere of Andy Wiseman’s new film ‘Positive’ which charts the making of Gaslight Illuminations as well as depicting Oli’s relationship to his father whose influence still informs him.