Director: James FrANCO
Cast includes: James Franco, Tommy Wiseau, Melanie Griffith, Sharon Stone
Hosted by the Young Electrics - our Young Film Programmers group
104 minutes / USA / 2017

The Young Electrics is a group of 10 young film programmers who meet at the cinema weekly to learn about cultural cinema, research film titles and plan cool film screenings for 16 – 25 year olds. Screenings are open to all (film classification age and older).

About The Disaster Artist

Mockumentary based on the making of Tommy Wiseau's The Room,  known by some as the 'Greatest Bad Movie of All Time'.
Director and star, James Franco transforms this true story of aspiring filmmaker and Hollywood outsider into a celebration of friendship, artistic expression and dreams pursued against huge odds. Be prepared to laugh and cry - you'll probably never see another film like it!

Golden Globe Winner 2018 Best Actor Musical or Comedy
"Utterly Hilarious" - The Independent

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