Director: Jonathan Albert Murphy
Cast includes: Melissa Woodbridge, Simon Slater, Helena Blackman, Bindu de Stoppani and Dan March
Includes Q&A with director Jonathan Murphy, actress Bindu de Stoppani and producer Natasha Murphy - Saturday only. On Friday 27th the director Jonathan Albert Murphy will be joining for a Q&A
79 mins / 2022 / UK

'My One and Only' is a dark thriller about stalking and obsessive love in our modern world of constant communication.

Laura is counting on a future with her married lover Ben and is devastated when he ends their relationship. Scorned and bent on vengeance she starts to date Noah who she met on a dating app.

What follows is a cautionary tale about the terrifying impossibility of escaping someone who insists on staying connected. The twists and turns show the psychological and physical dangers lurking in the modern world.

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