Director: Steven Arnold
Cast includes: Steven Solberg, Doro Franco, Ronald Farrell, Cherel Fitzpatrick, Ruth Weiss, Fayette Hauser, Pandora, The Cockettes
Pride film
74 mins / 1971 / USA

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Exploding out of San Francisco’s vibrant late-60s counter-culture, Luminous Procuress is a psychedelic odyssey of unabashed hedonism. The only feature film by artist, mystic and polymath Steven Arnold, the film celebrates gender-fluidity and pan-sexuality in a voyeuristic phantasmagorical journey towards spiritual ecstasy.

Often compared to the works of Fellini, Jack Smith and Kenneth Anger, and featuring the outrageous talents of the avant garde drag troupe The Cockettes, as well as artist ruth weiss, Luminous Procuress was an underground sensation upon release but disappeared from circulation for many years. Now fully restored in all its sensuous glory, Luminous Procuress’s subversive delights are ready to be discovered anew.

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