Director: Robert Montgomery
Cast includes: Audrey Totter, Robert Montgomery, Leon Ames
Presented by Mel Byron
105 mins / 1947 / USA

Private eye Phillip Marlowe (Robert Montgomery) wants to get out of the detective racket and into crime writing. But when he's called to the office of editor Adrienne Fromsett (Audrey Totter), it's not to talk about his story ideas -- she wants him to locate the missing wife of her boss, Mr. Kingsby (Leon Ames). The assignment quickly becomes complicated when bodies start turning up. This Raymond Chandler adaptation is notable for being filmed entirely from Marlowe's first-person perspective.
This film will be specially introduced by Mel Byron, is a comedy writer and performer and classic movie lover, whose show Old Movies Saved My Life was a hit at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe and will be touring the UK in 2019.