Director: Neil Salvage

An uproarious, satirical comedy about power, leadership and games. It features Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, some hapless musicians and examines the ridiculous and horrifying consequences faced by the world when leaders infantilized by character deficiencies and too much power are driving the bus!

Our three monsters meet in a palace in the Crimea to determine the fate of the world as the war is coming to its conclusion - but they are distracted from their task by drinking games, jokes, Walt Disney, Myrna Loy, William Tell, a telephone flex and an accident with a Kalashnikov. As they spin out of control an anxious world awaits the results of their deliberations. Will they succeed in drawing up Europe’s agenda before the evening deadline? Why has General De Gaulle gone missing? And what is in Roosevelt’s briefcase?

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A message from our cinema director, Rebecca Marshall:
As we have been unable to operate at our previous full capacity since reopening, and with safety measures unlikely to be able to relax anytime this year, we are facing mounting building rental costs, film licensing costs and other overheads that were previously viable when we were open at full capacity.

Unless all our current season of films sell out, the cinema will be unable to continue into 2021 and will likely close in December this year.

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