Director: Gregoris Rentis
Special introduction from the Director Gregoris Rentis live from Greece
78 mins / 2022 / Greece, Subtitles

For a long time, vessels crossing the High Risk Area on the Somali coastline would hire private mercenaries to protect themselves from pirates. Nowadays, attacks have dropped and mercenaries encounter a new problem: the lack of action.

This is a special screening of Gregoris Rentis's first documentary feature. As one of the most sought-after directors in Greece, Dogwatch premiered in competition in Visions Du Réel 2022 to high critical acclaim. While inspired by reality, Gregoris’ work departs into a stylised, evocative and, often, absurdist territory.

"‘Dogwatch’ explores toxic masculinity and absurdity of war with humour and style" - Variety

"A highly entertaining and absurdist account of the armed guards who spend their lives at sea waiting for pirates that never come" - Screen Daily

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